Jonathan Flint

Professor Flint was trained as a medical doctor, and psychiatrist at Oxford University. In that time, the late 80ties, psychiatry and genetics were not a common combination, or as Flint stated himself “Psychiatry, always the Cinderella, came late to the genetics ball”. Despite this late arrival, the genetics field embraced psychiatry, and professor Flint is certainly one of the driving forces of this movement. His work is acknowledged with many papers in high impact journals like Plos Genetics, Biological Psychiatry, Neuron, Nature and Cell.

Professor Flint gave a wonderful talk for all CNCR and NCA members in October 2015. In a private session afterwards, Brain & Mind students were allowed to ask him all their burning questions regarding psychiatry and genetics, and got some useful advice on ‘how to win the Nobel prize’ for genetics in the nearby future!