International students

For practical questions about e.g. housing and how to register for courses as an international student, please contact our International Office

Rules and ways of examination and receiving course credits (ECs) appear to differ between countries. To avoid surprises, we wish to explicitly inform you on the customs at the VU University and thus this minor.
To receive credits for the different courses in this minor, you must pass the course-specific exams and assignments. The forms and rules of examination differ between the 5 courses. The rules are described in detail in the course-specific Course Guides, so please read these carefully to avoid surprises. Important to realize is that you do not receive any credits if you do not pass the exams. Generally: being present, and handing in assignments on time, is not sufficient to pass the course and receive the credits.

If you did not pass the exam, we offer 1 resit opportunity. Experience has taught us that the resits are often scheduled on dates that are inconvenient for international students. (For example, resits are planned the week after Christmas break, but some international students only stay until Christmas. Or resits are planned on the 2 day of the month, while the lease of your apartment expires on the last of the month).
All the dates for exams and resits are known at the start of the minor, so please check the schedule carefully, so that you are aware of the exams or resits that may be problematic for you. If a resit is scheduled for a date that is inconvenient for you, please take that into account while studying for the exam! If you do fail the exam, and you are no longer in the Netherlands on the date that the resit takes place, then it is often possible to arrange something but this can be a bit of a hassle. Please be aware of this possible problem and address it early by contacting the course coordinators!