Q: How do I sign up for the minor?
Find information on registration HERE!

Q: Can I follow this minor also at one of the institutions that are mentioned?
No, all keynote speakers will travel to Amsterdam to provide lectures, the minor is only available at the VU University

Q: Do I need prior knowledge about neuroscience or psychology to follow the courses?
No, the minor is open to students from all scientific directions. The only requirement is ‘academic thinking’ on a 2-year bachelor level.

Q: I only want to sign up for one of the courses - is that possible?
That depends on the requirements of your study and whether or not you want to have ‘Brain and Mind’ as your official minor. You are welcome to sign up for one of courses but in that case the course counts as an extra topic and not as a minor.

Q: Can I follow other courses outside the minor at the same time?
All courses in the minor are full time courses and require you to be present at lectures, practicals, or to prepare exercises, read literature yourself. All days of the week are scheduled for the course.