Cognitive Neuroscience

Name: Cognitive Neuroscience
Studypoints: 6 ECTS


Coordinators: Dr. Sophie van der Sluis, Dr. Christiaan de Kock

Prof. Steven Kushner (ErasmusMC), Prof. Ype Elgersma (ErasmusMC), Prof. Christiaan Levelt (NIN), Prof. Odile van den Heuvel (VUmc), Dr. Christiaan de Kock, Dr. Sophie van der Sluis and others.

Goal: Understanding the biological mechanisms underlying cognitive processes

Course Content: In this course students examine how the brain perceives the outside world and how this leads to cognitive behavior. There is a general introduction into brain function and neuronal communication, after which the biological basis of cognitive processes such as perception, consciousness, language, learning, memory, sleep, emotion, decision and stress will be discussed.

Method: Lectures, practicals, workgroups, student presentations

Literature: “Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience” door N.R. Carlson (Pearson Education (US))

Testing: Exam. Note that a minimum grade of 5.5 should be obtained for the exam.

Focus Goup: Third year bachelor students

Participation: Two years of bachelor education (all directions)

Central Academic Skill: Writing a summary / abstract