Mind and Machine

Name: Mind & Machine — Smart robots, brain chips and intelligent software: science or fiction?
Studypoints: 6 ECTS


Coordinator: Dr. Niels Cornelisse, Dr. Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen

Lecturers: Prof. Frank van Harmelen, Dr. Mark Hoogendoorn, Dr. Natalie van der Wal, Dr. Ysbrand van der Werf, Dr. Machiel Westerdijk, Dr. Tim Moser, Prof. Victor Lamme, Dr. Niels Cornelisse, Dr. Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen

Goal: To learn about the integration of brains and computers within the themes of (1) creating an artificial brain, (2) integrating brains and computers, and (3) applications of neural strategies.

Course Content: People have always been fascinated with the idea to create intelligent robots or to integrate computers in the brain to manipulate or enhance its performance. In this course, the current status in creating artificial brains and artificial intelligence is discussed. Students learn the theory behind integrating brains and computers, and experience hands-on how brain activity can control computers to write or play computer games. The application of neural strategies and artificial intelligence to solve societal problems is explained and demonstrated during visits to commercial partners. Students work in groups to investigate how close science has come to science fiction for specific themes

Method: Lectures, practicals, group project and poster presentation

Literature: TBD

Testing: Poster presentation and written exam.

Focus Group: Third year bachelor students

Participation: Two years of bachelor education (all directions)

Central Academic Skills:
Think out of the box: imagination may push basic science into applications and create business opportunities.