Dr. Pim van Nierop

Dr. Pim van Nierop
Although working as leader of the ‘Applied bioinformatics’ group at the Center for Neurogenomics and Coginitive Research (CNCR) for the past two years, Dr. Pim van Nierop has a long history of working at the Faculty for Earth and Life Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam. Trained as a molecular biologist, during his PhD project Pim isolated the genetic information of a large gene family of neurotransmitter receptors of the central nervous system of the sweet water snail Lymnaea stagnalis. This allowed him to describe evolutionary aspects of neuro-transmission distinguish molluscs from mammals. As a postdoc, Pim gained expertise in the field of structure-based drug design on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors when he collaborated with structural biologists and pharmaco-chemists using the Acetylcholine-binding protein of Lymnaea stagnalis as a structure model. Currently, as leader of the ‘Applied bioinformatics’ group at the CNCR the last years Pim has focused on the bioinformatics aspect that is intimately associated with modern-day genomics and proteomics research. The work of the ‘Applied bioinformatics’ revolves around solutions for the data capture of high-throughput and high-content screening experiments, and the design and implementation of data analysis work-flows that assist scientists to convert large volumes of data into biologically relevant observations.

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