Dr. Christiaan de Kock

Dr. Christiaan de Kock is Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Neurophysiology at the Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR) at the VU University Amsterdam. He is a teacher in multiple courses at Bachelor, Master and PhD-student level.

He studied Biology at the VU University Amsterdam and did his PhD in the group of Arjen Brussaard (also at the VU University Amsterdam). In 2004, he did his postdoc in the group of Nobel Laureate Bert Sakmann, Heidelberg (Germany) after which he started his own group at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. In 2009, Christiaan de Kock started the research group “In Vivo Neurophysiology” at the CNCR, which is financially supported by (a.o.). NWO, ABMP, and Hersenstichting.

Recent papers:
Eyal et al, Elife2016
Luchicchi et al, FrontNeuralCircuits2016
Verhoog et al, NatComm 2016
Mohan et al, CerebCtx 2015
Narayanan et al, CerebCtx 2015